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Here are a few of my favourite books.

Travel (general)

The Oxford Book of Exploration

So you think places have changed since you first went there? Incredible insight into what the world used to be like.

Wexas Travellers Handbook

Fantastically useful reference for planning a trip anywhere in the world.

Extreme Rambling: Walking Isreals Separation Barrier. For Fun.

No-one does funny, serious and informative quite as well as Mark Thomas.

Blood River: A journey to Africa’s broken heart

A brilliant and brave journey.

Travel (on two wheels)

Cycling Home from Siberia

A genuinely inspirational journey. Sets the bar extremely high for adventurous cycling.

Jupiters Travels

The original two-wheeled journey, and the book that inspired Ewan MacGregor and the Boring-man.


Divided Kingdom

I love all of Rupert Thomson’s books.

Death and the Penguin

The story of how a lonely man makes friends with a penguin.

Crime and Punishment

Surprisingly easy read, and totally gripping from the outset.

The Third Policeman

Dark, brilliant and as usual with Flann O’Brian, more than slightly surreal.


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