Hook of Holland to Calais

The long and windy road South

by Mark on April 25, 2017 · 0 comments

I woke not to rain, but a nice sunny blustery day for what will be the longest ride of the trip – 120km to Antwerp.

Time to check out of the boat I stayed on last night.

Initially heading SW I was getting some benefit from the wind, ┬ábut as my trajectory shifted SE it began working against me – reducing my speed to single figure mpg at times.

It took 5 hours to cover the 48 miles to Roosendaal where I had a rest and some lunch.

It took me another hour to reach the border at Essen, then a further two to make it into Antwerp.

At least there was reward at the end of the journey.





Hello strangers.

It’s amazing how effectively two small children can curtail cycling adventures isn’t it?

So you might have been wondering what I’ve been doing during these last couple of years.

One project I’ve been working on is a craft beer subscription business called Imperial Beer Club, specialising in boxes of really interesting high strength beers.

I also ordered some new pants on the internet last weekend.

One of the things about having a mail order business is a heightened interest in parcel tracking, and these new pants have been all over the place in the last week!

They started in the Netherlands, before being shipped (in the wrong direction) to Germany and from there to the UK, where I’ve tracked their progress through a series of depots to a newsagent in North London where they are waiting for me to collect this morning.

I hope they fit.

So why am I telling you all this?

Well somewhat ironically the first outing for these new pants is a trip to the Netherlands.

When I step off the ferry at 8am tomorrow not only will the pants will have gone full circle, but I’ll be starting my next bike trip – from Hoek van Holland to Calais via Rotterdam, Antwerp, Gent and Brugge – sampling some of the local fare along the way.

By which I mean beer.


I’ll be blogging about the beers over at the beer club, but I’ll add a few updates here too.

See you tomorrow.