I lined up on the start line just before 6.30am for the 2013 (and my second) BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride.

I don’t feel my fitness is quite where it was last year, and with the absence of someone to compete against I took a slightly more relaxed approach from the start.

As well as the BHF ride, I also did this as a day trip one weekend last autumn so I am quite familiar with the route by now.

It helps a lot when you know what to expect.

In fact the only surprise was how much easier the first set of hills seemed compared to my memory of them.

I think Devon and Cornwall may have something to do with that.

I still wasn’t pushing especially hard, but when I reached the half way point I looked at my watch to see it had only taken me 2h 6m.

I could still do a decent time.

It took me around 4hrs last year, so that became the target. I still had Ditchling Beacon to overcome a few miles before the end so I needed to put a few quick miles in to achieve it.

In 2012 I was struggling with a thigh strain by the time I reached the Beacon (the same one that flared up between Bath and Tiverton) and I had to get off and push the bike for half of it.

I won’t say I enjoyed it this year, but I felt pretty good when I reached the foot of the hill and I can’t remember anyone overtaking me on the way up.

I think this constitutes progress.

From top the remaining 7 miles were very quick indeed, and I briefly touched 43.5mph on the way down.

Its just a shame they covered up the speed camera at the bottom of the hill.

I crossed the finish line with a little under four hours on the clock, which I was more than happy with.

The main thing about this ride is that it is in aid of a very good cause.

The BHF fund vital research into heart problems, including the causes of SADS and I was proud to take part in an event that raises over £3.5m every year.

They can always do with a little extra help, so if you’d like to sponsor me please click this link to donate.

Bike computer stats:

Ride time: 3h 58m
Distance: 53.55 miles
Max Speed: 43.5 mph
Ave Speed: 13.4 mph



Its been a couple of weeks since touching the bike or the blog.

I finally got around to writing up a summary of how I planned my John O’Groats to Lands End cycle ride and creating a menu item for all the posts relating to the trip.

Now its time to turn my thoughts to next weekend, when I will be taking part in the BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride.

I took part in the event last year for the first time, and this year it has even more significance as it provides an opportunity to support the research they do into the causes of SADS (Sudden Adult Death Syndrome).

If you only sponsor me for one cycle ride this year please make it this one.

Please click here to make your donation.




Running a marathon is a big deal any day of the week, but there will be an added degree of challenge for Ruth this weekend.

Not only is it Ruth’s first marathon, but after months of training, she suffered a knee injury a few weeks ago.

I am sure she shouldn’t be doing it, but I really admire her determination in deciding to go ahead – despite only being given the all clear to start running again two weeks ago.

Please take a moment to visit Ruth’s sponsorship page and support her in this amazing challenge.