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Banksy in Camden



In the few years that I’ve lived here Banksy has been quite prolific in Camden Town.

Above is the most recent of his works I have spotted (Oval Rd, near where it crosses  Regents canal).

Graffiti is transient by nature. Usually it ends up being removed by the property owner or council, but sometimes things end up differently.

In 2012 one local just up the road got into trouble with the planners for trying to preserve a Banksy on the wall of his property, despite the obvious double standards with Camden Council having previously preserved a Banksy in 2006.

But perhaps the most famous example is the long running Banksy vs Team Robbo spat of Regents Canal.

Regents Canal, Camden 2010_7826697094_o

Just a few weeks after I moved here a famous piece of graffiti (by the renowned Team Robbo dating back to 1985) 100m along from the canal from me was adapted  was adapted by Banksy.

Wallpapergate sparked  a series of revenge attacks on pieces of each others work along our stretch of canal over a period of 3 years.

LDN blog have reported on the timeline pretty well here, not necessarily in chronological order – but they do seem to have captured most of the iterations, including a few I missed despite living metres away.


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