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Sub-zero adventures in ice-cream in Camden

I missed an opportunity.

The Curious Incident of the Rice Pudding in the Flight Line would have been a far better title for my blog post earlier this week.

Ah well.

For an ice-cream fan in Camden, it was only ever going to be a matter of time before this blog post arrived.

There are two ways of experiencing the finest ice-cream in London.

You could pay an arm and a leg for Dinner by Heston at the Mandarin Oriental in Belgravia, or come to Camden and pay less than a fiver for the same thing.

Chin Chin Labs making ice-cream with Nitrogen_7863144036_o

On entering the Chin Chin Labs you are confronted by something that looks like a scene from a Heston Blumenthal show – technicians shrouded in clouds of liquid nitrogen busily preparing ice-cream to order.

The nitrogen means a super-creamy ice-cream that is free of ice-crystals. The texture is so different it’s borderline weird, and that is before they let loose on the flavours.

At the time of writing they are advertising flavours like Mango Alphonso Brûlée and Raspberry Waffle Cone.

Chin Chin Labs Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream with Popping Candy_7863145672_o

On my visit I opted for the sour cherry with home-made popping candy, which was so sour it was like eating the sourest sweets – only times 100.

I do like sour sweets, and although I liked this I have to admit there was also a palpable sense of relief in finishing it.

There’s no doubt that Chin Chin is worthy of inclusion on a list of top things to do in Camden, but after a long bike ride I think I still prefer the sort of ice-cream I can take on board a bit more rapidly.


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