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Kit List | Cycling John O’Groats to Lands End

It worked well keeping the smelly cycle gear and casual clothes apart from one another, and I continue to use double sided pack cubes to keep the clean and the dirty away from each other.

This isn’t too much weight, so much so that one day I set off without realised I had forgotten to attach the panniers to the bike.

Pannier 1: Cycle Gear

Cycle Shorts (x2)

Short sleeve base layer (x2)

Long sleeve cycle tops (x2)

Ankle sports socks (x5 pairs)

Waterproof trainers (pair)

Gore waterproof trousers (x1)

Night Vision waterproof jacket (x1)

Swiss Army Knife

Head torch

Fingerless gloves (with gel padding)

Pannier 2: Casual clothes

Jeans (x1)

T-shirts (x3)

Fleece jumper (x1)

Underwear (various)

Casual trainers (pair)

Wash bag

Wedge pack:


Spare tubes (x2)

Tyre levers




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