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Kit list for travelling round the world

I set out round the world with a 65 litre rucksack and a daypack. After 7 months I reached L.A. and realised there were a lot of things I wasn’t using.

I managed to trim my main pack right down to 47 litres, purchasing a new bag designed to to take my favoured pack cubes (a subject I may well bore you with in a blog post).

It weighed just under 10kg, which is very manageable if you end up trekking all over to find somewhere to stay when you first arrive in a new town – even in the tropics.

It’s a compact but comprehensive list of kit for all-climate long term travel.

Still, if I was doing the trip again I’d invest in some new technology. I would most likely take an iPad (in a hard case/keyboard), and definitely my Kindle.

Cheap netbooks and tablets were only just becoming available in 2008 when I was nearing the end of my year away, and I always seemed to be carrying at least 3 books, so I figure this would be weight neutral substitution.


Eagle Creek ORV Gear Bag

Eagle Creek Pack Cubes


Security belt (for emergency money)


Merrell Goretex Trek Shoes

Flip Flops


Thermals (1 set)

Convertible trek trousers (1)

Swim shorts (1)

Casual shorts (1)

Long-sleeved trek shirt (1)

Long-sleeved windproof top (1)

T-shirts (5)

Smart(er) shirt (1)

Rohan microgrid fleece (1)

Underwear and Socks (1 weeks worth)

Waterproofs (jacket and trousers)

North Face down jacket


Inflatable neck pillow

Small first aid kit

Petzl head torch

Swiss army knife

Digital camera



Memory card with copies of tickets, passport etc.

Wash Bag

Small dry bag

Digital watch with dual time zones (one always set to UK time)


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