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Riding the Rhine without a map | Kit list

This kit list is for my friend Sean.

At the time he would have liked not only a kit list, but for me to have weighed every item so he could compare it against similar items made from materials developed on space missions.

This wasn’t a hi-tech trip, so such comparisons won’t be flattering. I took only items I already owned, purchasing only a few essentials like a luggage rack, panniers and a spare chain.

Bike and accessories:

Marin Fairfax (1)

Rear aluminium luggage rack (1)

Aluminium bottle cage (1)

Camelbak water bottle (1)

Lezyne compact pump (1)

Bike bits:

Multi-tool (1)

Spare inner tubes (2)

Tyre levers (3)

Puncture repair kit (1)

Cats Eye lights (Front and Rear)

Adjustable spanner (1)

Spare chain (1)

GPS (1)

Batteries for GPS (0)

Map (0)

Last two items purchased en-route (0)


Ortlieb Panniers (2)

Clothing for cycling:

Cycle gloves (pair)

Running shorts (4)

Running t-shirts (3)

Long sleeved tops (2)

Sports socks (4 pairs)

Waterproof jacket (1)

Evening clothes:

T-shirts (2)

Jeans (pair)

Underwear (mind your own business)

Socks (0 – see below in footwear)


Old trainers (for cycling)

Flip flops (for not cycling)



Swiss army knife


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