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The missing piece of my cycle luggage jigsaw

If there was one item I missed more than anything else when I was Riding the Rhine last year it was a bar bag.

Knowing that I had to stop, unclip and unfurl the top of my panniers every time I needed something was a pain in the backside. I had a real pain in my backside most of the time anyway, so I didn’t need another thank you very much.

A quick browse on the internet and I soon realised that I don’t much like bar bags.

Most are about the size of a car roof box, and all I really need is somewhere to keep my money, camera and Haribo. I don’t eat that much Haribo, and unless they bring out one with an integrated freezer for storing ice-creams I’m simply not interested in attaching anything that big to the front of my bike.

Cue some deeper research, and a trawl of internet forums revealed this.

Top Peak Top Bar Bag
Topeak Top Bar Bag

I was a bit concerned about whether it would be big enough so I nipped into Evans when I had a few minutes to kill in Leeds this weekend and checked it out.

Its perfect.

I put it to immediate use on my Sunday morning training ride, using it to carry my keys and wallet.


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