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About time, the last bit to the finish line

The loss of my gloves a couple of days beforehand must have affected my judgement.

In a rash move I also binned the old trainers I’d been wearing for the past week and checked out of my hotel in Rotterdam.

The weather was great, and it meant I could leave my panniers at the hotel for the day before setting off for Hoek can Holland.

I didn’t want the hassle of getting changed back into cycle gear for the last few miles.

It was all perfectly fine bombing round town in flip flops, but by the time I got 10k into the ride to Hoek my dogs were seriously barking.

Never again will I cycle in flip-flops.

Not only that, but having convinced myself I couldn’t possibly get lost I relaxed and managed to achieve just that within 5 minutes of setting off.  Rather than backtracking I persevered, with the net result being an 10km on to the 23km route it took last time I cycled between the same two points.

Not only do my feet hurt, but my flip flops are ruined.

I finally made it to the beach at the end of the Rhine for a closing photo (you can tell because my bike is pointing the opposite way).

I may have messed up with gloves and trainers on the trip, but I wasn’t making any mistakes when it came to the cheese and sirop waffles.

Last stop before the ferry was a trip to Albert Heijn to stock up.

I still don’t fancy that Stena Line cooked breakfast.

Miles today: 19.54
Total for the trip: 419.26

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    • Mark Mark

      Thanks Su – its about as good an approximation as I could give – I just kept following the signs when I found them again (and the destination km’s had jumped up!).

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