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Long time no cycle, first time good

Remember me?

I am enjoying it, but parenthood doesn’t half place a lot of demands on your spare time.

If I add to that a house move, then a hell of a lot of (wholly unexpected) building works, then I might be some way towards having a credible excuse for not having written a blog post in a little over 4 months.

This is what Arthurs (then intended) bedroom looked like 3 days after my last blog post.


The keen eyed amongst you will note that carpets are not supposed to float.

I didn’t feel much like talking about it at the time, and even now we have dealt with all the repairs and insurance claims water feature jokes are not terribly well appreciated.

I have at least found time to get out and do some cycling this year, most recently in Amsterdam where we gave Arthur his first experience on two wheels.


There really is no better place to get started, and I’m pleased to say┬áhe┬áresponded to it with an encouraging amount of gurgling and chuckling as we spent two days exploring the city punctuated by regular stops for beer, coffee, cake and breastfeeding.

It was a trip with something for everyone.

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