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by Mark on April 24, 2017 · 0 comments

I think you’ll be able to appreciate how it is that I now find myself having left the house for a week wearing odd shoes.

It was still a very nice cycle this morning.

I’ve cycled to/from Hoek van Holland a few times now, but today I picked up the green route; and how different it is.

First woodland, then hundreds of acres of greenhouses followed by the banks of the river punctuated with picturesque harbours. 

I was even able to catch up on some barge racing. 

It was only 35km but I’d have happily lapped up another 100km with the conditions so good. 

However, just as I arrived in Rotterdam it clouded over and the temperature dropped, shortly before it started raining my hands began turning blue with cold.

Weird weather, but a brilliant route that I will use again should I be heading in the same direction some other time.

Speaking of lapping up …

I spent the rest of the day trying out some of the best craft beer in Rotterdam, and mentally preparing for what promises to be a big day of cycling tomorrow.

You can read about the beers here.

Antwerp here we come. 


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