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The gloves come off

You see some unexpected things when cycling through foreign lands.

About once a day I’ve come across an elevated basket that looks a bit like the ones people use to catch fish in waterfalls.

Instead of fish, these ones are used to catch rubbish from passing cyclists.

It’s a great idea (that avoids you having to stop), so it’s a shame there are so few of them.

The other thing I found today was a coin operated egg dispenser outside a chicken farm.

I think it was the same system they use in the FEBO coin operated fast food outlets you see all over the Netherlands.

Today was a shorter ride and provided a very good stop for lunch, with my first schnitzel of the trip.

I’ve got in the habit of leaving the panniers on the bike while I stop for lunch, and attaching my cycle gloves with velcro to stop them getting lost.

I have not had many ice-creams on this trip, but today I was determined and so set off without putting the gloves on as I was expecting to stop.

It wasn’t until I did stop that I discovered one of the gloves was no longer with me.

Oh well.

It was a bit weird cycling with only one glove, so when I came across one of the elevated baskets I knew it was my chance.

Tonight my overnight stay in Arnhem is in a Gaudi themed houseboat on the Nederrijn.

The Rhine splits into a delta around the German border, with the most northerly stream running through Arnhem.

It turned out I was staying on the official EV15 route that I should have followed through Arnhem when I cycled the Rhine in 2012 (but instead I had followed the southerly branch through Nijmegen).

At this point I’m just over half way around.

I need to make a decision about whether to continue with 100 mile days or take an easier route back to port.

Miles today: 59.14
Miles so far: 303.47

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