Going Dutch: Ronde van Nederland or bust

June 19, 2014

A couple of weeks ago we took delivery of our new Dutch bike, complete with baby seat so Arthur can come along for the ride. It’s Chloe’s bike, but I quite like taking Arthur for a spin round Finsbury Park when the weather allows. It’s also about this time of year when I think about […]

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Long time no cycle, first time good

May 15, 2014

Remember me? I am enjoying it, but parenthood doesn’t half place a lot of demands on your spare time. If I add to that a house move, then a hell of a lot of (wholly unexpected) building works, then I might be some way towards having a credible excuse for not having written a blog […]

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What I was drinking over Christmas

January 8, 2014

The convenient downside of ordering supplies directly from a brewery is that it requires a certain critical mass in order to get good value from the £14 delivery charge. I got such good value from the delivery charge that I have made it into the New Year without completely exhausting my stocks. Pick of the […]

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Arise King Arthur, and the end of 12 months in the chiller

January 4, 2014

I was 5 months ago that I last wrote a blog post. Walking across the sun-scorched grass in Hyde Park in my shorts and cooling down with an overpriced Magnum seems a world away from the storms of the last couple of weeks. In fact nothing’s been the same since we welcomed our beautiful son […]

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The frustrations of technology, and Royal baby name relief

August 4, 2013

We signed up for a free trial of Netflix this week, but might not have done had we foreseen the trouble it would cause. At this point I should point out that none of the trouble related directly to Netflix, but the much underused PS3 that sits underneath my television gathering dust for 51 weeks […]

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Is this the home of Britain’s most expensive Magnum?

July 21, 2013

£2.50!! Admittedly the high price didn’t stop me partaking after several hours baking in Hyde Park this afternoon. It was only last week that I was complaining about psychic house-hunters. This week I am one. I managed to get through the door before any other potential buyers, and close it out with an asking price […]

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Remember me?

July 14, 2013

Its been almost a month since I wrote a blog post. In fact I seem to have almost totally disengaged with all forms of social media. So what’s been going on? I came back from the Lands End to John O’Groats trip to a mountain of work, and a new team member. If that wasn’t […]

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London to Brighton 2013 and the best training ever

June 17, 2013

I lined up on the start line just before 6.30am for the 2013 (and my second) BHF London to Brighton Bike Ride. I don’t feel my fitness is quite where it was last year, and with the absence of someone to compete against I took a slightly more relaxed approach from the start. As well […]

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Getting back in the saddle for London to Brighton.

June 9, 2013

Its been a couple of weeks since touching the bike or the blog. I finally got around to writing up a summary of how I planned my John O’Groats to Lands End cycle ride and creating a menu item for all the posts relating to the trip. Now its time to turn my thoughts to next […]

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Ideas for cycling end to end, with the benefit of hindsight.

June 9, 2013

With the benefit of newly acquired hindsight (1061 miles of it) I wanted to share a few ideas for anyone considering cycling end to end. JOGLE or LEJOG? The first significant decision you need to make is the direction of travel. I decided on John O’Groats to Lands End (JOGLE) based primarily on avoiding the […]

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