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Preparation | Cycling from John O’Groats to Lands End

Just four days to go until the big cycle trip and my thoughts have turned to preparation.

If only my pedals had been turning to it a bit more too.

I’ve only managed to squeeze in a handful of training rides since the weather improved, but I resolved to do at least one long training ride before the trip.

I set off at 9am on Sunday morning to clear blue skies and glorious sunshine, heading down the canal towards east London and Limehouse Basin, a favourite Sunday morning ride. Instead of making the return journey, from there I headed north up the River Lee on the Lee Valley Way, past the Olympic Stadium and out into Hertfordshire.

After two hours I reached the Old Mill Cafe at Broxbourne, having been reminded of some facts of cycling.

Pollen in my nose, reminding me I need to take hayfever medication, and insects in my eyes (and mouth) reminding me I should have worn my sunglasses.

On the plus side it was time for an ice-cream.



I continued as far as Hertford, before leaving the canal to join the Cole Green Way, a cycle route that follows an old railway line to Welwyn Garden City.

The entire route was about 60-65 miles, and largely flat until after Hertford where the hills really sapped my energy. I’ll be aiming to complete about 120 miles on the first day of my ride, so I could have done with a few more of these in preparation.

I leave for Scotland on Friday evening.

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